Monday, June 28, 2010

Not broken yet :)

Taylor had her 1 month check up. Here are her stats:
Weight: 8lbs, 5oz - 25th percentile
Height: 22.5 inches - 75th percentile
Head Circumference: 14 inches - 25th percentile
Taylor is finally gaining weight! Woohoo!! Her legs are straightening out so she is growing like a weed. Unfortunately after church yesterday we had to give her a baby enema. She hadn't poop in 7+ days and her tummy started hurting her real bad, even started messing with nursing. I'm not one of those breast feeding 'freaks', but I do have to say it was the formula that clogged her up. She felt better right a way, and started nursing terrific within a few minutes.
Nursing has gotten a lot better since I watched a few videos on YouTube, and looked up some info on the world wide web. I realized I was introducing the boob incorrectly, (yeah that would explain my nips being in so much pain), with a new sense of hope and practice, I think I got it down. Still having trouble nursing in public, being discreet. Any advise?
Things that I have learned this past month:
Can't leave Taylor on a bed or any piece of furniture because she can roll over already.
The boys are oblivious to Taylor right now, except they don't like to see or hear her cry.
Babies are tougher than I remembered.
There is so much more girl clothes to choose from than boys.
Daddies are whipped.
The most important, my heart can grow to love more than just my boys.
Well here is some pics from this last month. Hope you enjoy my ramblings.
Today after a good nurse session.
Kiss me you fool!
I know how to wipe all out!
Samuel holding Taylor
after a bath, look at that hair, it is really curly after a bath

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ummm, What Do Girls Do Again??!!??

First I want to say thank you to the ladies of the LPP ( La Pradera Park Ward) for a beautiful baby shower. Especially to Azure, Alyssa, & Lee Anne for hosting the grand event. from the bottom of my heart, I'm so very very very humbled & blessed.

Unfortunately with all of Taylor's new clothing and headbands, I've realized that I need to learn to be a girl again. I have been in a house full of boys that I became one.... ewwww! So i started thinking what do girls do, dress, play, makeup, hair.... etc.... I'm was lost for thoughts. Luckily there are enough girls in our ward to hopefully teach me before Taylor starts asking or needing :)

My mom never taught me about makeup, she always said I have a natural beauty. Maybe she didn't know how....hmmmm.

My mom never taught me about.... monthly visits from an aunt I never met until I became a teenager. Thank goodness for pamphlets in those boxes. But I do wonder sometime if that aunt has a husband, and if I will ever be meeting the uncle. o_O

One thing my mom did teach me is tomato paste DOESN'T remove the green that pools do to blonde hair.... including bathing in the paste..... Do you know how many cans it takes to fill a tub.... ALOT.

Boyfriends........Well I had many of them, and still have no clue about boys. Thank goodness I married a good guy.

BFFs..... Well I hope she has better luck in that department than I did.

Matching outfits... color coding... well don't look at me.... My mom would wear hot pink cowgirl boots, with lime green wranglers with a neon yellow shirt!!! No kidding. I'm a jean and T-shirt kind of momma.

Well I will either learn or embarrass Taylor. Momma hood is calling, laters.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Just add a Zipper to My Wife Please

That was the comical; but felt so true; comment that my husband made the day after my 2nd surgery in less than 2 weeks. Oh you didn't hear??!!??

Surgery 1: C-Section

May 28, I had my C-Section to bring Taylor into this world. Though some things went a little crazy (blood pressure bottomed into the 60's and heart rate sky rocket to 157, my leg falling off the OR table). Overall everything went very well. Released May 31.

Surgery 2: Removal of Appendix

Exactly 1 week after being released from Good Sam for my c-section I was in the ER for abdominal pain. Since I always have a bad experience in ERs, I figured they would diagnose me with a tummy bug, shoot me up with some pain meds and send my butt home. Nope! My appendix was ready to explode. So on June 8th I had my second surgery without family near by.

So the day after my appendix was removed, my husband was joking around with the nurses about just add a zipper to my wife for easy access. It was funny, but so true. Well off to get some cleaning done. One nice thing is my chore list is sooooooo simple.... Technically the doctors have me on a NO activity list :) but I figure unloading and loading the dishwasher is okay.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hello!!! Lets Get This Party Started!

This is my very first blog post, on my very first blog. First I should warn ya, that I'm on percocet and feeling quiet drowsy. I guess my goal for my blogging is to keep family and friends updated of our crazy life. There will be days that my posts may be sad or depressing, but there will also be happy posts. I am following a few blogs out there, two of which I actually know the people and one I just got hooked into their story.

Well I will post more later, I am just sooooo tired.