Monday, August 23, 2010


The boys watching Dare Devil

Taylor and sucking her thumb grrr

Andrew on the first day of 3rd grade
Samuel on the first day of 4th grade

Everyone has to have a naked baby picture :)

this is taylor's baby friend

This is her talking to her baby friend

So many Changes........

Well how have you been? Me? I feel like I've haven't stop running. I cannot believe almost 3 months ago I had a baby, almost 8 years ago Andrew was born and little over 9 years ago Samuel was born. I know such a cliche, my kids seem like they were just babies last week (well Taylor doesn't count LOL). Samuel is starting Bears this year, Andrew is starting Wolves, and miss Taylor is getting blessed September 5.

Andrew is getting baptised September 4. Yeppers he is turning 8 in just a week! I know, I didn't kill him. He is a great boy, but we had it rough for the first few years, but that wasn't his fault...... I take majority of the blame. But hey can't cry over spilt milk. He is a great boy, and I humbly love him. My life wouldn't be as colorful with out him.

Samuel is in the 4th grade, and he is going on his very first over night field trip this year to the Grand Canyon. *GULP* Yeah this momma bear is extremely nervous. Samuel has been growing by leaps and bounds. He is in the advance 4th grade math, and is holding a 100% while the average for the class is 92%, yeah I'm extremely proud!

Taylor is growing so fast, or she is trying. She is in 3-6 months clothes for about a week now. She has the most interesting smirky smile. She has made a new 'friend' on her changing table. On the changing table is setting her wipes and there is a picture of a baby and a mommy and for about a week now anytime she is on the changing table she arches her back so she can talk to her baby friend. It is so funny. She goes "OOOoooo" "Aaahhhh" laughs to her baby friend. And she has been sleeping thru the night!!!

Well if you haven't heard VirNon has started a new job. Still working on BMWs, but for an independent shop. Pros are more hours, which means more money. Cons are the company doesn't offer insurance of any kind. So we have been doing our homework and paperwork to get insurance (health, dental, life), and 401k paperwork. I have learned a lot in the last couple of weeks to honestly say, I hate insurances red tape. This is cover but that isn't, but if there is an emergency then yeah, but not until this number of months past and blah blah blah.

As for me, well I am adjusting to being a mom of a baby, a 3rd grader, a 4th grader, and a husband with a new job. I have been trying to get back into the swing of things, and slowly I'm getting there. I probably should be cleaning the house instead of blogging but hey my peps need to know LOL. I know there should be more to post about me, but I have no clue to write about me. I do know that I do want at least one more baby, but not right now, but soon, but not today.

The AZ Elkins are ticking and thriving. We are doing great and hope you all are doing wonderfully too!