Monday, June 27, 2011

Update to my Update

Good news folks, as of yesterday, my cervix ISN'T short. It is a beautiful length. I had to go back to the ER yesterday because of damn contractions and the doctors still assumed that I had a short cervix. Well after the ultrasound, which the tech was the rudest of the bunch (she wouldnt let me see or hear the heart beat, or even let me look at the baby), they found out my cervix is up high inside, but a great length. So the ER doctor diagnosed me with dyhydration, (but only have me 1 bag of fluid). I am so done with hospitals right now. My goal is NOT to see a hospital or my OB (other than normal visits) for the month of July. So as of now, the only thing keeping the pregnacy a pain in the butt is the Hyperemisses. So lets raise a glass of water and cheers to no other speed bumps!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Baby Bean Update

Well so far so good for this pregnancy. Granted I got diagnosed with Hyperemisses (extreme morning sickness), been in the ER 4 times for dehydration, had a scare of possible gestational diabetes (lucky not, just the opposite low blood sugar), and now the latest scare, extremely short cervix. Ever since Anthony's birth, I always had a risk for cervical incompetence, but the doctors figured that since I've had 3 good size babies since then, all is good. Right now, I'm not officially diagnosed with cervical incompetence, but everyone is on elevated alert. I go back next Friday for some measurements, and more than likely have to go in frequently for measurements.

Well on some happier notes. I had a early ultrasound about a week ago, and the bean looks like a boy! I'll admit I kinda wanted another little girl, but now I wouldn't change anything.

All I want right now is to make it pass 24 weeks or even further. I don't think I could survive burying another baby. I already pleaded my case to Heavenly Father, I'll probably plead a few more times in the following weeks.

Oh my camera is busted again!!!!! So soon as I get another one (which will be real soon) I'll start posting pics of the munchkins. Would you believe Tator is a year old now??!!??!!?? She is running, talking, and being such a diva. The boys have partial braces!!! OOOOhhhh yeah loads have been going on. Until next time, TTFN.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

I blabbed

Update to my crazy life:

I had my doctors appointment on Thursday with Dr. N. We saw a sac in the uterus, but we didn't see a heart beat (yet). Since we don't have a date to base anything on we are playing "milestone" game. I go back in on the 14th to have another ultrasound, hoping to see a heart beat then. I am pretty confident that all is good. Just in the last few days, my body is screaming PREGNANT. My 'milking containers' (this is me trying to be sensitive to those reading) are so sore and as my hubby puts it, huge. Morning sickness is worse in the mornings and evenings/night time.

I swear I have psycho fetus growing inside me. Food cravings to nausea in 2 secs. flat. Don't get me wrong I love the idea that I am having another baby, but I am still dealing with that fact.

Anyways, so, yeah, I am not hiding anymore. I have a baby growing inside me, and I can not wait to know more about this little bean. Like due date, gender, and who in the world am I going to use for a doc. Yeah that isn't the baby's fault there.

Well off to try to rest before Tator wakes up.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ramblins of a crazy woman

I told myself I wouldnt post anything that I found out yesterday on Facebook or here, but aaaacckkkk, if I dont say something, I'm going to scream or bust or both! Well if you read my last post then you some what know what is going on. Yesterday I went back to Dr. Nemiro's for another ultrasound and a shot of progestrone in the tookus. I even took Tator Tot with me. After waiting for almost 30 mins (could of been longer), one of the techs called me back for my ultrasound and shot. When the tech stuck the probe up me (yeah TMI) BAM!!!! There was something on the screen. Me: Ummm, that wasnt there before. Tech: So you see that too? Me: Yeah, what is it? Tech: I have a few thoughts, when was your LMP? Me: January 22 Tech: Well then thats not it, too small. But you could of...... Me: Could of what???? Is that a sack? How thick is my lining? Tech: Could of ovulated late. Could be a sack, I dont see an heart beat, but I do see something inside. Oh your lining is so thick, at least 14mm and your uterus is larger than normal. Me: But 3 weeks ago we did an ultrasound and nothing and prior to that the HCG test came back negative!!!! Is this possible? Uhhh... are we sure... but look the sack is low, is that bad? Tech: It isnt impossible, and yeah with your previous HCG negative I'm confused too. Do you feel pregnant? Yeah the 'sack' is low but it might not be a sack but a popped blood vessel. Lets do another blood test to see what it is or isnt. I'm going to go ahead and give you the progestrone shot. Me: I've been feeling like I was pregnat since Febuary, but the test came back negative. Wait! If I am, will that hurt the baby? Tech: Nope, if you are then it is preserving the pregnacy, if your not then possibly the next few days you will have your cycle. Let me get our lab lady. Wait here. Me: Okay. (tech leaves and aaacckkk my brain wouldnt stop racing.) Yeah this is a dream. No way I could be, the test said so. But what if I am?? How far along? Maybe we are just seeing things on the ultrasound. Nay I'm not, I cant be, well I can be. Anyone can be if you have .. well you know. (I just kept on rambling to Tator.) That is the short version, or what I could remember. I was so shocked that my brain was out of commission. So they drew my blood around 12:30 and normally about 2 hours later I get the results. So when 2:30 arrived, i grabbed my phone and waited. Waited. WAited. WAITED! Hmm maybe since that about lunch time they need another hour. So I waited til 3:30, grabbed my phone again, and waited, waited, waited. AAACCKKK! Why wont they call. It must be negative, other wise they would of called because is it unusual. Dang what time do they close? 4:00? Its 3:51, I better call them. Brenda is on the phone with another paitent, can she call you back? Sure. Okay so now I know that its negative. Or other wise they would of made me hold on the phone. Waited, waited, waited, WAITED! 4: 57, hmm I better call them again. Sure hon, let me put you on hold. ....................................................... (this is hold) ........................ Dr: Hello Tonya, it's Dr. Nemiro. We got your test back, congrads your pregnant. Me: Umm, okay, wow, woah. Okay, so what are my HCG levels? (expecting to hear 7, 9, 15) Dr. 4600. Me: WHAT??!!?? 4600?? But... what... huh?? Dr: 4600. Me: But thats not little pregnant, thats alot pregnant. Are you sure? But a few weeks ago it was negative, ultrasound was negative.... Seriously Dr: Yeah that is puzzling, but yeah not little pregnant. I dont want to guess how far along are you. Please come back later this week for another ultrasound. And Congrads! And this is me since : @.@ :? :/ :) :( o.O No... ummm yeah... We are pregnant. But I dont know how far along, or when I'm due. Or if this is a viable pregnacy. But if you are reading this please dont say anything to anyone. At least not until I post it on Facebook. I go back in tomorrow for another ultrasound. There was a couple of questionable stuff on yesterday's ultrasound. But 4600 is a good number. And if you're wondering I did some research (internet research) 4600 is anywhere between 5-6 weeks, unless the questionables are multiables, but I'm not holding my breath anymore. For weeks now, everytime I would get sick, or my boobs hurt, or my nose played tricks on me, I've told myself that nope I am not pregnant. I have proof that Im not. The last few weeks I've belittle my body because I wouldnt bleed. I was so worried that I may have a bad thyroid or even thryroid cancer. The last few weeks I started wondering if I was starting the road to menapause. Now ...... I pray each time I go to the restroom that I dont see blood. Welcome to my world. Now remeber this is a scecret. I know LOL, if its a secret why post it on the internet. But I had to speak or I would go crazy.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Warning, more than likely TMI post, but ugggg

Again I warn you, this post will probably be TMI, but I need to vent, or talk to someone, even if its just to myself. So where do i start. How about I thought I was pregnant just a few weeks ago. Hey my body still thinks its pregnant even though every POS test, an ultrasound, and a HCG test said NOPE, NADA, KEEP WISHING, NEGATIVE, EMPTY, and NOT PREGNANT. You maybe asking yourself how can your body think that. Well I haven't seen a cycle since January 21, 2011, so in some ways I would be 9 weeks pregnant and more than likely telling folks. Now don't get me wrong we were trying, we figure lets try now and if nothing happen then we would wait a few months before we try again. So you should of seen my face when end of February came and I saw noting in my panties. I ran to Walgreens and bought a test (well a three pack). Went home and tinkled and waiting .............. 'negative'. Huh??!!?? went back to calender, counted.... and figure that maybe the test was negative because it wasn't first morning pee. Next morning, hopped out of bed, tickled again and ............ 'negative'. What the heck! Went to every possible pregnancy website I could find, and kept finding a lot of dumb people out there, but also I found a lot of tubal pregnancy stories. Since I only have one tube, I called the doctor that did my reversal. They recommend I come down do a blood test and see from there. Well that came back nada, which surprised them too. So they scheduled me for an ultrasound. They thought maybe I have a cyst, but ultrasound showed NOTHING!. Lining was a perfect 8 - 9 (perfect for growing a baby), no cyst, no tubal, nothing unusual. So shot me up with progesterone and told me in 7 - 14 days I'll see my cycle. After two weeks of cramping, mood swings, pain, pimples, NOTHING HAPPENED! You read correctly, NOTHING! So i called them back, lucky me, i get to go back to get another shot. (read with loads or sarcasm) Now most women wouldn't mind not having to worry about pads, tampons, leakage, cramps, bloating, and all those other 'blessings' we receive each month. But hey I want to have one more baby and you need to see our favorite aunt each month to know when we get to plan. I probably wouldn't mind either if I didn't feel so out of wack. I don't feel half way human. I feel like I'm caught in between two worlds. I feel like I can not tell what is top and what is bottom. I loose my temper sooo quickly, (my poor kids and husband), sooo tired, then so bouncing. Hey right now I am suppressing myself from killing Andrew's cat right now. He wont shut up from meowing. I can only think of two other times that my body went hay wired. The first one was shortly after our first baby was buried. My doctor then suggested that "My body was acting this way because this would of been Anthony's birth month" and in about a month or two all will be fine. Sure enough it was. The second is from about 3 years ago, (granted at this time I couldn't have kids so it didn't bother me and I never went to a doctor). But what I think happened is my body linked up with one of my pregnant friends. The reason I say that, is the day my cycle started, i found out later that my friends baby was born in the wee hours of the morning. I don't know if that is even possible, but hey if women can link up when living together, why not? Could this be menopause? But I'm only 32. No other symptoms. I'm too young! ACCAAAKKKK I'm going crazy. well I feel somewhat better venting. Well I go back to the doctors in a couple of days, maybe 2nd time is the charm.....

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bad - Terrible - Worst

Seriously this day can go down in history as black Friday or almost the worst day in my life. Yeah I know it isn't Friday, yet, but dang it what do you call Thursdays??!!?? There is Manic Monday, Hump Day Wednesday, and Party Friday... but Thursday... (ok Tuesday is left out too), but my horrific day isn't on any other day but today.

Started just like any other day. Get the boys up for school, get Taylor up & feed her before I leave, verifying homework status, since it is Day 5 at the boys school, also verifying violin and recorder status. Put the clothes into the dryer (remember the timer doesn't work so it doesn't shut off on its own) because I had an appointment this morning, this way they will be dry by the time I get home. Since Taylor is fed, I leave the diaper bag behind. Now I normally don't forget to grab my cell phone, but sometimes I do leave it behind. Now this morning I did leave the house in my pjs, which i don't usually mind, but this time I left the house without my bra, but remember I wasn't planning to get out of the van. Dropped off the boys and started on my way home. But that is when my day started going hay wired.

I noticed the van started to make a whistling noise. Now my first reaction was "Oh my window is down and I'm hearing wind noise." I notice if I pressed on the gas, the noise got louder and louder. My next thought well since I need to go to Mesa today I'll stop by VirNon's work to have him look at it. If I only knew what would happen next I think I would of stayed in bed. The light turned red at 51st Ave & Dunlap, the light turned green, but I couldn't move. The transmission failed! Now remember pjs, no bra, no phone, no diaper bag and now NO TRANSMISSION!!!! So I started flagging down drivers to borrow their phone, husband not recognize his own wife's voice, praying to be able to drive just a mile further to I can pull into Walgreens, my husband finally came and got us.

3 hours later (that is the amount of time it took me to get home) I finally remember about the dryer! Then I get a exorcise baby. She was sooo pissed that i wouldn't feed her more blueberries (this was the first time she had some so I kept the amount to an ounce), so I figure I would top her off with a bottle. After I did so, I was burping her and she looked at me and barfed all over my face!!! Ooooo Laaa Laaa blueberry flavored formula. Yeah not fun. I cleaned her up, put her in her swing and decided to shower off. Grumble grumble grumble. Getting out of the shower i slipped on the wet tile flat on my face. See I told you this day was terrible, and guess what not done yet.

After licking my wounded pride, I logged onto to FaceBook, where I get a messaged from my brother-in-law telling me that I am spamming folks. Huh??? I looked at my profile page and sure enough, I was. So after going to all my friends pages and verifying that this fraud link was removed I changed my password and warned everyone and logged off. Then I sat down and just cried.

See told ya! Go ahead and laugh and cry. I probably will one day, just not right now. I do want to say I am so gratefull for my ward families. A special hug to the Cuthberts and the Lees.

Also... just a thought I was thinking durning my clean up after the spazzed child.... why are they called blueberries, they are purple!!! *shruggz* Hope everyones day was better than mine!


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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Good Grief

Holy cow!!! Taylor has been cranky, and cranky is an understatement. I believe it is because she is teething. It's that or because we tried a new formula, this one has rice starch in it to help with spitting up. She only had a couple of bottles of this stuff because it was sooooo thick! So we stopped that one after I did some research that said formulas with rice starch is good for spitting up it can cause constipation. So no more of rice starch.

Okay I need for someone to smack me on the back of my head. I was so looking for to giving Taylor some homemade baby food at 4 months (because that is when I started with the boys), and I have given her some homemade applesauce, peaches, and peas. Not frequent meals, just maybe 1-2 times a day every 2-4 days. But lately I have been getting a lot of comments 'She is such a chunk. Aww look at those thighs.' and so on. Then I found some research saying that starting baby food before 6 months can cause obesity. I have found myself lately worrying about her weight and her looks and not wanting to give her anymore baby food. I know I know, stupid momma. But seeing how people treat over weight people (because I am one of those obese women) I don't want her to have those same problems. I wasn't always obese; depression and lack of activity is my downfall. Now I have been curvy, but a steaming hot curvy. What do you think, should I continue giving baby food?

Well Taylor wants me, and she is in a good mood!! Woohoo!!! Laters.

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