Monday, June 27, 2011

Update to my Update

Good news folks, as of yesterday, my cervix ISN'T short. It is a beautiful length. I had to go back to the ER yesterday because of damn contractions and the doctors still assumed that I had a short cervix. Well after the ultrasound, which the tech was the rudest of the bunch (she wouldnt let me see or hear the heart beat, or even let me look at the baby), they found out my cervix is up high inside, but a great length. So the ER doctor diagnosed me with dyhydration, (but only have me 1 bag of fluid). I am so done with hospitals right now. My goal is NOT to see a hospital or my OB (other than normal visits) for the month of July. So as of now, the only thing keeping the pregnacy a pain in the butt is the Hyperemisses. So lets raise a glass of water and cheers to no other speed bumps!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Baby Bean Update

Well so far so good for this pregnancy. Granted I got diagnosed with Hyperemisses (extreme morning sickness), been in the ER 4 times for dehydration, had a scare of possible gestational diabetes (lucky not, just the opposite low blood sugar), and now the latest scare, extremely short cervix. Ever since Anthony's birth, I always had a risk for cervical incompetence, but the doctors figured that since I've had 3 good size babies since then, all is good. Right now, I'm not officially diagnosed with cervical incompetence, but everyone is on elevated alert. I go back next Friday for some measurements, and more than likely have to go in frequently for measurements.

Well on some happier notes. I had a early ultrasound about a week ago, and the bean looks like a boy! I'll admit I kinda wanted another little girl, but now I wouldn't change anything.

All I want right now is to make it pass 24 weeks or even further. I don't think I could survive burying another baby. I already pleaded my case to Heavenly Father, I'll probably plead a few more times in the following weeks.

Oh my camera is busted again!!!!! So soon as I get another one (which will be real soon) I'll start posting pics of the munchkins. Would you believe Tator is a year old now??!!??!!?? She is running, talking, and being such a diva. The boys have partial braces!!! OOOOhhhh yeah loads have been going on. Until next time, TTFN.