Tuesday, September 28, 2010

4 months!!! Woot Woot!!!

Taylor turned 4 months old today!!!! She is growing by leaps and bounds!!!! While at the pediatrician in the lobby, I saw a 9+ pound baby and Taylor looked huge compare to him. I didn't realize how much she has grown, until I saw her next to the little baby. He was even 2 pounds bigger than her at birth.... wow.

Here are her current stats:

Weight: 14 lbs 15 oz - 75% compare Birth: 7 lbs 2 oz
Height: 25 inches - 75% compare Birth: 19 inches

Head: 15 3/4 inches - 20% compare Birth: 13 inches

Her pediatrician is very impressed with her developments. She is advanced! Her milestones are at a 5-6 month old level!!!

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Monday, September 27, 2010

More Pics for your entertainment ;)

This is Taylor's bouncy thingy. Yes there is a stool under it... she is too short :)

This the side of Samuel's book report.... suppose to look like the side of a book (except the words here)

This is Samuel's drawing.

This the front of his book report. we used my cricut to cut out the lettering from foam.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I did it... Yeah I did

Taylor and I finally had our first momma and daughter mall outing. While out at the mall, I did it..... I got her ears pierced. The first ear was no problem, but when we went to do the other ear.... Taylor was not game for the second ear. Boy did she get pissed at me and she made sure I felt terrible. But after a minute or two she was all better and had forgotten about it, phew. I was just going to wait till her next checkup to get them pierced, but she is already set up to receive 4 shots, i didn't want to traumatize her even more.

Well tonight we took VirNon out to shop for his birthday gift....... a hunting bow. He is so very very very excited. He deserves it.

Well in the last week two of my friends/family has babies. My friend's baby had a rough entry, and still in the hospital, so please pray for her. My family's baby as far as I know is doing good, though for a 42 weeker she is tiny in weight, but momma is skinny. I cant wait till I can see cousin's baby in about a month.

Also on the baby front.... No I'm not pregnant, but a well deserved family, which turns out to be family down the family branches, is pregnant. Please keep them in your prayers too, they have had a rough last two pregnancies .... rough is an understatement.

Well enough of my ramblings. Have a great nite!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 2.... Go Strong & Bursting

Well I just finished day 2 of not breastfeeding. Granted I pumped some out yesterday night and some tonight, other wise I would of BURST! Taylor is doing so much better, she even naps! Samuel even gave her a bottle yesterday while I put together Taylor's new toy, a jumping bouncer thingy. Tonight daddy gave her the night time bottle while I helped Samuel with his book report, which is turning out great!

I'll post some pictures later of Andrew's Baptism, Taylor's new toy, and Samuel's book report.

We are going to be camping with the ward this weekend. I'm a little nervous taking Taylor camping. I know all will work out, just nervous. I'll try to remember to bring my camera to take pics.

Oh I want to say that one of best friends that I went to school with, is having her baby today/tonight. She is doing a home/water birth. She is being so brave, and I will admitt that I'm jealous (I always wanted to do a water birth). Good luck Melissa and Seana bringing in your little lady.

Well I need to get my butt to bed. Niters folks.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I'm NOT a bad mommy.....

After a long day of nursing, I noticed Taylor was having trouble nursing again. Well I can't say she was having trouble but I wasn't making enough. So I've decided that we should go ahead and transit to formula.

If you know my little Taylor then you know she doesn't nap during the day, but guess what, after her bottle she has been napping for almost 1 and half hours. I hope this still means that she will sleep thru the night for me.

I am having some mixed feelings. I know formula isn't bad, hey I raised two great boys on it. I just feel like I'm being a quitter. I worked so hard to keep my milk after loosing it two other times. 3 1/2 months is a good run for a first try. My opinion is my appendix did me in a long time ago. Hey maybe our next baby I will be able to nurse longer.

This doesn't mean no snuggle time by no means. Now she can snuggle with daddy too. Boy do I love that little girl of mine! She is soooo purrrrfect!

Well I can hear her stirring. I better get some chores done.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


I think I'm falling in love making jam. Last year, at this time, I learned how to make raspberry jam, peach jam, and how to can peaches. This year I with the help with the hubby made strawberry jam, and peach jam. It is sooooooooooooooooooooo easy. Seriously it is easy.

Well today I'm home with Taylor who is sick. Nothing bad just got mucus stuck in the back of her throat. So I made a real warm bottle with 250mg chewable vitamin C mixed in. It did help, but not completely. Well she is fussy again. I'll blog later.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Where is the Pause Button??!!??

First off I want to say, I was prepared, and I thought things can't get that crazy. I will humbly admit this I was WRONG!!!!!!! Let me explain.

I knew one day the kids' schedule would become crazy. That they would one day want to sign up for things. Their homework would take more time, and become more creative. But I wasn't ready for it to happen by 3rd & 4th grade.

I normally do very well with the boys signing up for things... granted they haven't had so much to choose from before. But this year uggg. I don't know if its because of taking care of an infant, the boys signing up with everything under the sun, starting of a new school year, or the start of a whole new school. I just really feel overwhelmed.

Andrew again has easy homework, more than he had last year, but overall compare to Samuel it is a piece of cake. So he decided to sign up for violin and the brain game club. Plus each month he has to do a monthly project. Last month was a poster about him and his likes; this month it is a book jacket about a book that he is reading. I don't know the book he picked because he left it at school. Plus he is a Wolf this year in the cub scouts.

Samuel.... what can I say about him, homework follows him like a starving beast. Not hard homework, but if he doesn't stay focus, he can get overwhelmed. Lately it has taken him approximately 2 hours to do his homework! He has nightly homework, weekly homework, and monthly homework. In his music class they are learning the recorder. Plus, yes i said plus, he signed up for violin. To top off his list he is a Bear in the cub scouts. I am amazed that he is wanting to do all this, but I am a little worried. He wanted to sign up for the brain game club too, but I had to tell him nope. He was sad, but I know it is the best decision.

Oh, VirNon signed up to play softball. He missed the first game because he was ill. So where is the pause button so I can play catch up!

I guess on a positive note, my cricut is being use quite a bit. I will try to get a picture of Andrew's poster from last month. Samuel is planning on using the cricut to make his book report. If it turns out how we are planning it, it will be cooooool. For Andrew's book jacket, I don't know if we are using the cricut for that. Well I'm tired! It took me 3 hours to finish this entry. Niters folks and God Bless each one of ya.