Saturday, July 3, 2010

Wisdom.... Hmmmm part 2

Now where did I leave off, oooh wisdom and how much I lack.

I think I have a idea of what I would or will tell my children about marriage. It isn't over after you say "I do", it is a process that is 24/7. Each day is a challenge, a reward, and an adventure. I will admit that I have it very very easy. I may not be spoiled in the 'finer' things in life, but I KNOW for a fact the following: My husband will always come home to me, my husband respects me, and he loves me and our children with all his heart. I know at the end of the day, when I go to bed, he will hold my hand, and tell me that I am beautiful. Marriage is also NOT 50%/50% it is 101%/101%. You must give yourself entirely to the other, if you are wanting them to give themselves to you.

Religion..... It is a personal choice. Make sure you make the choice that feels right for you, and not because of a boy/girl. I have been baptized in many many different religions, most because of my mom, but my last baptism I will have to admit that I started looking into was because of my husband (at that time he was my boyfriend). Poor missionaries, I would do all the discussions, but never make an appointment to get baptize. But after a year, I finally listen to the message, and decided that this was a right choice for me.

Foot in mouth.... well I would tell my kids think before you speak or write or text. I should follow my own advise, but I don't listen to myself. I often say or do things without thinking, but not to be mean, but most of the time I believe I'm being helpful or inquisitive. I have gotten better over the years but I still find myself going "dang i did it again".

Family..... This is my hardest one. I didn't grow up with the traditional 'family'. The 'love' that I heard people talk about between siblings, mom & dad, parents & children, and extended family was an imaginary friend. I do tell my boys that they are each others best friends, and they should be more forgiving of each other. I know that the last couple of years of 'people' watching, I have learned that family love isn't an imaginary friend, and it is very very possible. I have also learned that family isn't necessary just blood connection or marriage connection, there is a ward family bond too! Some friends can be called family, and sometimes they are better than your real family. I am grateful for the bonds I have made.

Well time for me to end my wisdom rants. Totally random thoughts, not that all are the right way to think, but the way my brain does it.

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  1. I am so glad you found my blog so we can keep in touch. I am also so happy you started one. Congrats on your baby girl. That is sooo exciting. After reading this last post I wished I wasn't so far away because I wanted to come and give you a huge hug. I am so happy things are better for you now. Keep in touch!