Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bad - Terrible - Worst

Seriously this day can go down in history as black Friday or almost the worst day in my life. Yeah I know it isn't Friday, yet, but dang it what do you call Thursdays??!!?? There is Manic Monday, Hump Day Wednesday, and Party Friday... but Thursday... (ok Tuesday is left out too), but my horrific day isn't on any other day but today.

Started just like any other day. Get the boys up for school, get Taylor up & feed her before I leave, verifying homework status, since it is Day 5 at the boys school, also verifying violin and recorder status. Put the clothes into the dryer (remember the timer doesn't work so it doesn't shut off on its own) because I had an appointment this morning, this way they will be dry by the time I get home. Since Taylor is fed, I leave the diaper bag behind. Now I normally don't forget to grab my cell phone, but sometimes I do leave it behind. Now this morning I did leave the house in my pjs, which i don't usually mind, but this time I left the house without my bra, but remember I wasn't planning to get out of the van. Dropped off the boys and started on my way home. But that is when my day started going hay wired.

I noticed the van started to make a whistling noise. Now my first reaction was "Oh my window is down and I'm hearing wind noise." I notice if I pressed on the gas, the noise got louder and louder. My next thought well since I need to go to Mesa today I'll stop by VirNon's work to have him look at it. If I only knew what would happen next I think I would of stayed in bed. The light turned red at 51st Ave & Dunlap, the light turned green, but I couldn't move. The transmission failed! Now remember pjs, no bra, no phone, no diaper bag and now NO TRANSMISSION!!!! So I started flagging down drivers to borrow their phone, husband not recognize his own wife's voice, praying to be able to drive just a mile further to I can pull into Walgreens, my husband finally came and got us.

3 hours later (that is the amount of time it took me to get home) I finally remember about the dryer! Then I get a exorcise baby. She was sooo pissed that i wouldn't feed her more blueberries (this was the first time she had some so I kept the amount to an ounce), so I figure I would top her off with a bottle. After I did so, I was burping her and she looked at me and barfed all over my face!!! Ooooo Laaa Laaa blueberry flavored formula. Yeah not fun. I cleaned her up, put her in her swing and decided to shower off. Grumble grumble grumble. Getting out of the shower i slipped on the wet tile flat on my face. See I told you this day was terrible, and guess what not done yet.

After licking my wounded pride, I logged onto to FaceBook, where I get a messaged from my brother-in-law telling me that I am spamming folks. Huh??? I looked at my profile page and sure enough, I was. So after going to all my friends pages and verifying that this fraud link was removed I changed my password and warned everyone and logged off. Then I sat down and just cried.

See told ya! Go ahead and laugh and cry. I probably will one day, just not right now. I do want to say I am so gratefull for my ward families. A special hug to the Cuthberts and the Lees.

Also... just a thought I was thinking durning my clean up after the spazzed child.... why are they called blueberries, they are purple!!! *shruggz* Hope everyones day was better than mine!


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  1. Sounds like you had a HORRIBLE day! Hope you don't have too many of those too often! I hope you can laugh about it now. Unfortunately it sounds like a day in the life of ME! HAHA We have to laugh or we can't make it through life right!? Hope things looked up after your terrible day!