Friday, June 24, 2011

Baby Bean Update

Well so far so good for this pregnancy. Granted I got diagnosed with Hyperemisses (extreme morning sickness), been in the ER 4 times for dehydration, had a scare of possible gestational diabetes (lucky not, just the opposite low blood sugar), and now the latest scare, extremely short cervix. Ever since Anthony's birth, I always had a risk for cervical incompetence, but the doctors figured that since I've had 3 good size babies since then, all is good. Right now, I'm not officially diagnosed with cervical incompetence, but everyone is on elevated alert. I go back next Friday for some measurements, and more than likely have to go in frequently for measurements.

Well on some happier notes. I had a early ultrasound about a week ago, and the bean looks like a boy! I'll admit I kinda wanted another little girl, but now I wouldn't change anything.

All I want right now is to make it pass 24 weeks or even further. I don't think I could survive burying another baby. I already pleaded my case to Heavenly Father, I'll probably plead a few more times in the following weeks.

Oh my camera is busted again!!!!! So soon as I get another one (which will be real soon) I'll start posting pics of the munchkins. Would you believe Tator is a year old now??!!??!!?? She is running, talking, and being such a diva. The boys have partial braces!!! OOOOhhhh yeah loads have been going on. Until next time, TTFN.

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