Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ummm, What Do Girls Do Again??!!??

First I want to say thank you to the ladies of the LPP ( La Pradera Park Ward) for a beautiful baby shower. Especially to Azure, Alyssa, & Lee Anne for hosting the grand event. from the bottom of my heart, I'm so very very very humbled & blessed.

Unfortunately with all of Taylor's new clothing and headbands, I've realized that I need to learn to be a girl again. I have been in a house full of boys that I became one.... ewwww! So i started thinking what do girls do, dress, play, makeup, hair.... etc.... I'm was lost for thoughts. Luckily there are enough girls in our ward to hopefully teach me before Taylor starts asking or needing :)

My mom never taught me about makeup, she always said I have a natural beauty. Maybe she didn't know how....hmmmm.

My mom never taught me about.... monthly visits from an aunt I never met until I became a teenager. Thank goodness for pamphlets in those boxes. But I do wonder sometime if that aunt has a husband, and if I will ever be meeting the uncle. o_O

One thing my mom did teach me is tomato paste DOESN'T remove the green that pools do to blonde hair.... including bathing in the paste..... Do you know how many cans it takes to fill a tub.... ALOT.

Boyfriends........Well I had many of them, and still have no clue about boys. Thank goodness I married a good guy.

BFFs..... Well I hope she has better luck in that department than I did.

Matching outfits... color coding... well don't look at me.... My mom would wear hot pink cowgirl boots, with lime green wranglers with a neon yellow shirt!!! No kidding. I'm a jean and T-shirt kind of momma.

Well I will either learn or embarrass Taylor. Momma hood is calling, laters.

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