Friday, September 10, 2010

Where is the Pause Button??!!??

First off I want to say, I was prepared, and I thought things can't get that crazy. I will humbly admit this I was WRONG!!!!!!! Let me explain.

I knew one day the kids' schedule would become crazy. That they would one day want to sign up for things. Their homework would take more time, and become more creative. But I wasn't ready for it to happen by 3rd & 4th grade.

I normally do very well with the boys signing up for things... granted they haven't had so much to choose from before. But this year uggg. I don't know if its because of taking care of an infant, the boys signing up with everything under the sun, starting of a new school year, or the start of a whole new school. I just really feel overwhelmed.

Andrew again has easy homework, more than he had last year, but overall compare to Samuel it is a piece of cake. So he decided to sign up for violin and the brain game club. Plus each month he has to do a monthly project. Last month was a poster about him and his likes; this month it is a book jacket about a book that he is reading. I don't know the book he picked because he left it at school. Plus he is a Wolf this year in the cub scouts.

Samuel.... what can I say about him, homework follows him like a starving beast. Not hard homework, but if he doesn't stay focus, he can get overwhelmed. Lately it has taken him approximately 2 hours to do his homework! He has nightly homework, weekly homework, and monthly homework. In his music class they are learning the recorder. Plus, yes i said plus, he signed up for violin. To top off his list he is a Bear in the cub scouts. I am amazed that he is wanting to do all this, but I am a little worried. He wanted to sign up for the brain game club too, but I had to tell him nope. He was sad, but I know it is the best decision.

Oh, VirNon signed up to play softball. He missed the first game because he was ill. So where is the pause button so I can play catch up!

I guess on a positive note, my cricut is being use quite a bit. I will try to get a picture of Andrew's poster from last month. Samuel is planning on using the cricut to make his book report. If it turns out how we are planning it, it will be cooooool. For Andrew's book jacket, I don't know if we are using the cricut for that. Well I'm tired! It took me 3 hours to finish this entry. Niters folks and God Bless each one of ya.

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