Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I'm NOT a bad mommy.....

After a long day of nursing, I noticed Taylor was having trouble nursing again. Well I can't say she was having trouble but I wasn't making enough. So I've decided that we should go ahead and transit to formula.

If you know my little Taylor then you know she doesn't nap during the day, but guess what, after her bottle she has been napping for almost 1 and half hours. I hope this still means that she will sleep thru the night for me.

I am having some mixed feelings. I know formula isn't bad, hey I raised two great boys on it. I just feel like I'm being a quitter. I worked so hard to keep my milk after loosing it two other times. 3 1/2 months is a good run for a first try. My opinion is my appendix did me in a long time ago. Hey maybe our next baby I will be able to nurse longer.

This doesn't mean no snuggle time by no means. Now she can snuggle with daddy too. Boy do I love that little girl of mine! She is soooo purrrrfect!

Well I can hear her stirring. I better get some chores done.

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  1. I had no choice but to formula feed Cody-my milk simply never came in.

    With Erin, she breast fed for 6 months, then weaned herself. I pumped for quite a while after that, but she just wouldn't take ME anymore, unless it was in a bottle... Jason loved it. He was more than happy to help feed her! He really enjoyed the one-on-one cuddle time.